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How to create simple barcode generation & reader functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of my favourite things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it includes a fantastic xRM platform that enables users to leverage what it can already do but also extend the out of the box system and build alongside and on top of it. With every release since 2013 there has been a huge expansion to the out of the box functionality. This allows users to get even more value out of what is already a fantastic product. This...


How to build an XRM Solution using only standard CRM 2015 Functionality

The standard functionality in Dynamics CRM 2015 has really taken a larger jump than 2013 to allow a user to not only create a solution that is not dependent on custom code such as JavaScript or Plugins but has also allowed it to be enjoyable as opposed to a chore. I wanted to highlight why it’s such a good thing being able to achieve this. From a business perspective, it means developers can focus on more...