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Follow the flow in this infographic to set up your CRM 2015 Product Catalog

  I designed this infographic not to impart so much information on the specifics but to demonstrate you don’t need to use all of the product catalog to receive it’s benefits &  also it does not take a great amount of effort to set up. It might shock you, but the Product Catalog in Dynamics CRM was clearly designed to help save time input an extensive catalog of products whilst still maintaining it’s relational characteristics as...


Product Catalog changes in CRM 2015 : Visual Hierarchies, Product Properties, Inheritance & more…

Following on from my previous post of an infographic detailing some of the improvements in the Product Catalog in CRM 2015, this blog post aims to go into more detail and provide some advice on how to get the best out of the new product catalog out from a configuration point of view. Using the infographic as a base, I’ll springboard off that to form a structure to the post. The Product Catalog in it’s own...


The enhanced CRM 2015 Product Catalog in 6 Steps (infographic)

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An Infographic that displays the improvements of the CRM 2015 Product Catalog. A more detailed blog post to follow in the next week For a slightly larger version – Right Click > View Image   ©Made by CRMCAT: you are welcome to distribute this image to all humans and cats alike.