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How to setup (and use) CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Portals

It is fairly regular that you will be navigating the internet to then come across a pop up on the side of your screen asking you if you require assistance. This live support functionality is designed to capture needs right as they happen or very shortly after so if your having a problem, such as not being able to find what your looking for, you can ask immediately without having to email a support ticket and then wait...


What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and How to get started

November 2016 saw the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which technically includes version 8.2 of Dynamics CRM. With this update came some fantastic pieces of functionality, worthy of their own feature posts at some point in the future which will detail the granular nuts and bolts, instead, this post aims to begin with an overview of what that awesome new functionality is and how steps you can take to get started with each part. This post...


Getting Started with the Service Calendar in CRM 2015: Part 1

I always have this need to call the Service Calendar the ‘Resource Scheduler’ and I don’t know why. This is not a bad description though, it does schedule resources, with a resource being whatever you want it to be and having the ability to schedule it for whenever you want.. providing it’s within business hours, not while the business is closed, whilst the specified resources are available and have the capacity to fulfill your request, and...


Visual Hierarchies for all! 3 quick steps to setting up a visual hierarchy on a custom entity

Visual hierarchies can be created on all custom entities and for some out of the box entities too. The first major rule to follow is that the relationship you use must be a 1:N (or N:1) self-referential relationship, so in the example that follows there is a Project entity, and it has a 1:N relationship to itself. Also the second rule is that you can only have one of these relationships that are marked as hierarchical....


Follow the flow in this infographic to set up your CRM 2015 Product Catalog

  I designed this infographic not to impart so much information on the specifics but to demonstrate you don’t need to use all of the product catalog to receive it’s benefits &  also it does not take a great amount of effort to set up. It might shock you, but the Product Catalog in Dynamics CRM was clearly designed to help save time input an extensive catalog of products whilst still maintaining it’s relational characteristics as...


The enhanced CRM 2015 Product Catalog in 6 Steps (infographic)

  • finalpsd

An Infographic that displays the improvements of the CRM 2015 Product Catalog. A more detailed blog post to follow in the next week For a slightly larger version – Right Click > View Image   ©Made by CRMCAT: you are welcome to distribute this image to all humans and cats alike.


Choose your own Adventure: Improved Business Process Flows & additional JavaScript manipulation power in CRM 2015

CRM 2013 introduced some excellent functionality, one that has been covered not long ago were Business Rules, but another piece was the arrival of Business Process Flows. I could imagine some people’s initial reactions where How do i hide them? as one of the most noticeable ones was on the Lead to Opportunity Process. However, they can be used very well in the right scenario, especially to enforce a specific business process. One of the major...


Business Rules finally grow branches in CRM 2015

Business Rules in Dynamics CRM are a way to implement Client Side business logic through the user interface & was originally introduced in CRM 2013. They are quite nifty little things and can prove to save time and effort as opposed to writing JavaScript to do the same thing. Of course, it does depend if you can do the same thing in Business Rules, as that is where it’s limitations are. Originally in the CRM 2013...


Security Model Infographic

  • SecurityModel_Updated

An Infographic GIF that shows the layered security model that is available in Dynamics CRM. However remember it can go much deeper than this depending on the size of the business, if you include the default teams created by business units, form security & field security. For a slightly larger version – Right Click > View Image     ©Made by CRMCAT: you are welcome to distribute this image to all humans and cats alike.