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How to build a Customer Sentiment Solution using Dynamics 365 (with no code)

Organisations often request what is called a ‘Customer 360’ view within their CRM systems. This is unfortunately a term which has become overused, misused and actually quite misleading. Feel free to listen to why in one of my YouTube videos (this one) but in short, human beings are not owls, and we cannot consume a large amount of information at any one time. There is a whole subject discipline on visualisation of information and a reason why info-graphics and...


The New Features of CRM 2015 Update 1 & How to use them

The new CRM 2015 update is upon us and you can now play with it yourself by creating a free trial of CRM 2015 which I recommend you doing now and finish reading this post after it’s set up. Go now. You might not think it’s been that long since CRM 2015 has been released, and technically you’d be right it’s been publically available now for about 6 months. However saying that, regular updates which introduce...