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What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and How to get started

November 2016 saw the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which technically includes version 8.2 of Dynamics CRM. With this update came some fantastic pieces of functionality, worthy of their own feature posts at some point in the future which will detail the granular nuts and bolts, instead, this post aims to begin with an overview of what that awesome new functionality is and how steps you can take to get started with each part. This post...


How to build an XRM Solution using only standard CRM 2015 Functionality

The standard functionality in Dynamics CRM 2015 has really taken a larger jump than 2013 to allow a user to not only create a solution that is not dependent on custom code such as JavaScript or Plugins but has also allowed it to be enjoyable as opposed to a chore. I wanted to highlight why it’s such a good thing being able to achieve this. From a business perspective, it means developers can focus on more...


Business Rules finally grow branches in CRM 2015

Business Rules in Dynamics CRM are a way to implement Client Side business logic through the user interface & was originally introduced in CRM 2013. They are quite nifty little things and can prove to save time and effort as opposed to writing JavaScript to do the same thing. Of course, it does depend if you can do the same thing in Business Rules, as that is where it’s limitations are. Originally in the CRM 2013...