I’m pleased to say that following the success of the CRMUG European Congress this year, held in Stuttgart Germany, a follow up to this event has been announced!!!

The event will be called CRMUG Summit EMEA, it will be held in Amsterdam on April 4th 2017 – April 6th 2017. The conference center it will be at is called the RAI, what will be, amazing 3 day event!

European Congress was a huge success. It was an amazing atmosphere and brilliant content which is really a reflection of what the CRMUG Chapter Meetings are all about, so if you enjoy those, this is really for you. If you have yet to attend a CRMUG Chapter Event, please find one nearest to you (click here). In the UK, the next Chapter Meeting is in Reading at the Microsoft Campus on November 23rd. I cannot express how amazing the content is and i’ll be very surprised if you attended either a Chapter Meeting or a CRMUG Multi-Day event and come away without learning a hunk load of stuff.

Some of the content from Congress in Stuttgart included Data Visualisation, Collaborative Panels on Tools which you can use to make customising CRM easier, How to make better use of Out of the Box functionality, Performance Considerations, Getting Started with Charts, How to Use Advanced Find and so much more. These sessions cater for different skill levels and there will be over 50 sessions over the 3 days in Amsterdam, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits you and your interest. Those sessions will be split into tracks, which normally include Administrative, Technical and Functional at least with other tracks being considered such as Leadership and BI/Reporting which are hugely popular too. It also caters for different learning styles, so the sessions follow different format types, which mostly fit into educational presentations, smaller roundtable sessions and panel sessions with multiple speakers.

The people who attend these events all have one thing in common – they all have an interest in CRM. There is really no social pressure, but networking is so much fun at these events, everybody is really friendly and you can be guaranteed you will have at least one interest in common, so there is no need for icebreakers! I found that I don’t just learn new things from the content but just from hearing peoples experience, what they do and where they work, their passions and enthusiasm for their jobs is a really inspiring thing, so I do encourage it.

We need you

This is a direct call for speakers and associated content. We need that experience, that inspiration and passion to be directed into session material that we empower you to come forward and suggest. You may think your experience is not important, but i beg to differ, it is!

If you would like to present or simply would like to submit a content idea for which you would be interested in attending, go to the CRMUG Summit EMEA Website and go to the Proposals section and submit your idea.

Event planning is always tight, so the deadline for this is ASAP, we need your thoughts, opinions and input as soon as possible! If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me, either here or on my contact details at the top of the site via LinkedIn, Twitter (@dynamiccrmcat) or Email.