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Updated Incremental Auto Numbering Solution (using real time workflows) and video run through

There has been a few queries regarding the Auto Numbering Solution post which featured here originally and upon reviewing it, there are a few things that could have been better explained. I thought this would be a good opportunity to update the original post to include this clarity and also include a short video to run through and explain the ‘concept’ of the solution and also discuss some of the areas that could cause the most...


How to build an Agile Inspired Project Management XRM Solution in less than a day with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Regardless of where project management is applied, whether it is in consultancy or when managing internal projects and new initiatives, the core concept of managing project objectives from the conception of a project through to it’s conclusion is still the same. Those objectives can contain aims, those aims contain goals, the goals contain tasks and those tasks are taken ownership of by members of the project team. The key variables can vary from project to project but relatively...


Cloud vs. On Premise License Comparison Infographic

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An infographic that can be used for quick reference that details the major differences of the licensing for Cloud (Online) & On Premise versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Please note that the prices can vary depending on conversion rates and also by Microsoft partners. On Premise prices were based on CRM 2013 (Latest released).


Visual Hierarchies for all! 3 quick steps to setting up a visual hierarchy on a custom entity

Visual hierarchies can be created on all custom entities and for some out of the box entities too. The first major rule to follow is that the relationship you use must be a 1:N (or N:1) self-referential relationship, so in the example that follows there is a Project entity, and it has a 1:N relationship to itself. Also the second rule is that you can only have one of these relationships that are marked as hierarchical....