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How to build an Agile Inspired Project Management XRM Solution in less than a day with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Regardless of where project management is applied, whether it is in consultancy or when managing internal projects and new initiatives, the core concept of managing project objectives from the conception of a project through to it’s conclusion is still the same. Those objectives can contain aims, those aims contain goals, the goals contain tasks and those tasks are taken ownership of by members of the project team. The key variables can vary from project to project but relatively...


Deploying your XRM Solution on Tablets & Mobiles using the Dynamics CRM Application

This post continues on from how to create an XRM Solution that only uses out of the box/standard functionality in CRM 2015 and will go through a task list of how to make that awesome XRM Solution of yours work in the Microsoft Dynamics Tablet & Mobile apps. I’ll also try and cover some tips on where you might have to make some process changes because of their own limitations and some suggestions on how to...


How to configure the Multi-Entity Search in CRM 2015 for your top 10 entities

One of the most exciting new bits of functionality in CRM 2015 for me was the multi-entity search that is available from all forms. By placing it on the navigation it is accessible anywhere in the system. You could be diving through a list of Cases and you might want to find an Account, or you could be filling in an Opportunity and want to quickly search products that are not in the Price List you...