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A quick start guide to Business Units, Security Roles, Teams & Users

I was in much debate with myself over the first part of this series. A ‘quick guide’ to four major entities and their interactions can surely be anything but ‘quick’ right? Well, the aim of this post is to be able to focus on the areas that matter, as the whole relationship between the four of these entities can get seriously messed up depending on your business requirement or your imagination. I know when I was...


Get the GUID of a form from the URL in 2013

Quick guide on getting a GUID from the URL in CRM 2013: (they look as though they have removed them in CRM 2013, but they are just hidden!) Open the form you want the GUID of and click the ‘pop out’ icon found in the top right corner: This will open your record in what looks like a new window, but now if you look at the URL: You can see the GUID nested nicely in...