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Security Model Infographic

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An Infographic GIF that shows the layered security model that is available in Dynamics CRM. However remember it can go much deeper than this depending on the size of the business, if you include the default teams created by business units, form security & field security. For a slightly larger version – Right Click > View Image     ©Made by CRMCAT: you are welcome to distribute this image to all humans and cats alike.


A quick start guide to Business Units, Security Roles, Teams & Users

I was in much debate with myself over the first part of this series. A ‘quick guide’ to four major entities and their interactions can surely be anything but ‘quick’ right? Well, the aim of this post is to be able to focus on the areas that matter, as the whole relationship between the four of these entities can get seriously messed up depending on your business requirement or your imagination. I know when I was...