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The New Features of CRM 2016 Update 1 & How to Use Them!

The CRM 2016 Update 1 release is now available for new Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscriptions or trials. It will also soon be available for existing organisations via the office 365 management portal via ‘Updates’ on the CRM menu. If you have not already, even if you are waiting for an update to be scheduled, I’d recommend you set up a new trial here to experience and play around with the new features of the latest update,...


How to use Articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (& Why you should use them)

Articles are a standard entity in Dynamics CRM and they are not a new feature. They have been around since version 4.0 in one form or another and in subsequent updates and new versions they have been gradually improved into what you can do with them. Articles are an amazing entity which form the greater knowledge base of your organisation. We’ll talk about how amazing they are in a moment. For the purpose of this post, I’m...


Getting Started with the Service Calendar in CRM 2015: Part 1

I always have this need to call the Service Calendar the ‘Resource Scheduler’ and I don’t know why. This is not a bad description though, it does schedule resources, with a resource being whatever you want it to be and having the ability to schedule it for whenever you want.. providing it’s within business hours, not while the business is closed, whilst the specified resources are available and have the capacity to fulfill your request, and...