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How to use Articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (& Why you should use them)

Articles are a standard entity in Dynamics CRM and they are not a new feature. They have been around since version 4.0 in one form or another and in subsequent updates and new versions they have been gradually improved into what you can do with them. Articles are an amazing entity which form the greater knowledge base of your organisation. We’ll talk about how amazing they are in a moment. For the purpose of this post, I’m...


Why use the Advanced Find ‘Group AND’ functionality if this is it’s default state?

Advanced find is one of my favorite pieces of functionality in CRM. Reason being it allows anyone to become a master of the data that is held within CRM in ways you have never imagined.  This is where a user changes from simply inputting data to actually owning and understanding the data available to them. A tool to achieve such mastery is Advanced Find. CRM 2015 has embraced the Advanced Find functionality so you will now...


How to configure the Multi-Entity Search in CRM 2015 for your top 10 entities

One of the most exciting new bits of functionality in CRM 2015 for me was the multi-entity search that is available from all forms. By placing it on the navigation it is accessible anywhere in the system. You could be diving through a list of Cases and you might want to find an Account, or you could be filling in an Opportunity and want to quickly search products that are not in the Price List you...