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How to auto-generate Word Templates using a simple Workflow and OOB Action in CRM 2016 (no code!)

There is quite a lot of literature regarding creating Word Templates around now, I touched upon it in my previous post, and the infographic here on twitter. When was I was recently researching a separate blog post, I came across a way to create a Word Template using an out of the box Action and a simple Workflow. From playing around with this, I’ve thought about loads of ideas and solutions that could utilise this functionality and how it can...


How to configure the Multi-Entity Search in CRM 2015 for your top 10 entities

One of the most exciting new bits of functionality in CRM 2015 for me was the multi-entity search that is available from all forms. By placing it on the navigation it is accessible anywhere in the system. You could be diving through a list of Cases and you might want to find an Account, or you could be filling in an Opportunity and want to quickly search products that are not in the Price List you...