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Business Rules finally grow branches in CRM 2015

Business Rules in Dynamics CRM are a way to implement Client Side business logic through the user interface & was originally introduced in CRM 2013. They are quite nifty little things and can prove to save time and effort as opposed to writing JavaScript to do the same thing. Of course, it does depend if you can do the same thing in Business Rules, as that is where it’s limitations are. Originally in the CRM 2013...


Security Model Infographic

  • SecurityModel_Updated

An Infographic GIF that shows the layered security model that is available in Dynamics CRM. However remember it can go much deeper than this depending on the size of the business, if you include the default teams created by business units, form security & field security. For a slightly larger version – Right Click > View Image     ©Made by CRMCAT: you are welcome to distribute this image to all humans and cats alike.