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How to create simple barcode generation & reader functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of my favourite things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it includes a fantastic xRM platform that enables users to leverage what it can already do but also extend the out of the box system and build alongside and on top of it. With every release since 2013 there has been a huge expansion to the out of the box functionality. This allows users to get even more value out of what is already a fantastic product. This...


Choose your own Adventure: Improved Business Process Flows & additional JavaScript manipulation power in CRM 2015

CRM 2013 introduced some excellent functionality, one that has been covered not long ago were Business Rules, but another piece was the arrival of Business Process Flows. I could imagine some people’s initial reactions where How do i hide them? as one of the most noticeable ones was on the Lead to Opportunity Process. However, they can be used very well in the right scenario, especially to enforce a specific business process. One of the major...