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How to use Articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (& Why you should use them)

Articles are a standard entity in Dynamics CRM and they are not a new feature. They have been around since version 4.0 in one form or another and in subsequent updates and new versions they have been gradually improved into what you can do with them. Articles are an amazing entity which form the greater knowledge base of your organisation. We’ll talk about how amazing they are in a moment. For the purpose of this post, I’m...


Step by Step guide on creating a Dynamics CRM 2015 Trial with Office 365 and setting up the new OneNote & Excel Integration functionality

I eluded to it in my previous post that I was going to provide a step by step guide on setting up a trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and also Office 365 so that you can test out & play with the new integration features that the Update 1 release has provided us. These features are specifically the OneNote Integration and the Inline Excel editing tool. Microsoft keep changing how to set up free trials...


The New Features of CRM 2015 Update 1 & How to use them

The new CRM 2015 update is upon us and you can now play with it yourself by creating a free trial of CRM 2015 which I recommend you doing now and finish reading this post after it’s set up. Go now. You might not think it’s been that long since CRM 2015 has been released, and technically you’d be right it’s been publically available now for about 6 months. However saying that, regular updates which introduce...