Category: Dynamics CRM 2013

How to add a timer on a form

In the Spring ’14 release the ‘timer’ functionality was added and this post will show you how to add it to a form and some uses for it. Something worth noting, the name is a little misleading, whilst this functionality can certainly count down/up and in all instances you do have to set a ‘Failure time field’ i.e. a field to start the timer (otherwise it will stay at ‘not set’), it can just be used...


Hiding ‘Add New’ & ‘Add Existing’ buttons (without using the ribbon editor or code!)

A frequent issue, something that is evident in both 2011 & 2013, is the ‘add new and add existing’ buttons on the ribbon bar on certain entities  (normally new customised ones) and getting rid of these as it causes confusion for clients, especially when they will to ‘add existing’ only to select one and be notified it has already got a parent.      A specific 2013 issue that comes with this is when using subgrids...