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Getting Started with the Service Calendar in CRM 2015: Part 1

I always have this need to call the Service Calendar the ‘Resource Scheduler’ and I don’t know why. This is not a bad description though, it does schedule resources, with a resource being whatever you want it to be and having the ability to schedule it for whenever you want.. providing it’s within business hours, not while the business is closed, whilst the specified resources are available and have the capacity to fulfill your request, and...


Why use the Advanced Find ‘Group AND’ functionality if this is it’s default state?

Advanced find is one of my favorite pieces of functionality in CRM. Reason being it allows anyone to become a master of the data that is held within CRM in ways you have never imagined.  This is where a user changes from simply inputting data to actually owning and understanding the data available to them. A tool to achieve such mastery is Advanced Find. CRM 2015 has embraced the Advanced Find functionality so you will now...


Configure the Outlook Offline Folders (Using SiteMapEditor)

Recently I have been working on configuring the  offline client for CRM 2011 and having setup all of the offline filters detailing what records I want to take offline, I was missing something – when I went offline, some of the views didn’t work and one of the folders themselves said ‘this is not configured to go offline’. I figured this was something to do with the entity types, more offline filter work, then I checked...