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How to build an Agile Inspired Project Management XRM Solution in less than a day with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Regardless of where project management is applied, whether it is in consultancy or when managing internal projects and new initiatives, the core concept of managing project objectives from the conception of a project through to it’s conclusion is still the same. Those objectives can contain aims, those aims contain goals, the goals contain tasks and those tasks are taken ownership of by members of the project team. The key variables can vary from project to project but relatively...


The New Features of CRM 2015 Update 1 & How to use them

The new CRM 2015 update is upon us and you can now play with it yourself by creating a free trial of CRM 2015 which I recommend you doing now and finish reading this post after it’s set up. Go now. You might not think it’s been that long since CRM 2015 has been released, and technically you’d be right it’s been publically available now for about 6 months. However saying that, regular updates which introduce...